We teach girls shame; close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female they’re already guilty of something.
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I stopped going to therapy
because I knew my therapist was right
and I wanted to keep being wrong.
I wanted to keep my bad habits
like charms on a bracelet
and I did not want to be brave.
I think I like my brain best
in a bar fight with my heart. 
I think I like myself a little broken.
I’m ok if that makes me less loved.
I like poetry better than therapy anyway.
The poems never judge me
for healing wrong.

-Clementine von Radics

My life in a nutshell

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when your little girl
asks you if she’s pretty
your heart will drop like a wineglass
on the hardwood floor
part of you will want to say
of course you are, don’t ever question it
and the other part
the part that is clawing at
will want to grab her by her shoulders
look straight into the wells of
her eyes until they echo back to you
and say
you do not have to be if you don’t want to
it is not your job
both with feel right
one will feel better
she will only understand the first
when she wants to cut her hair off
or wear her brother’s clothes
you will feel the words in your
mouth like marbles
you do not have to be pretty if you don’t want to
it is not your job
it is not your job | Caitlyn Siehl  (via her0inchic)

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trust me, it will be worth it.I love you. 


trust me, it will be worth it.
I love you. 

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th3girlwiththeredglasses said: I love you

AWW! Thank you :) That’s so sweet x

It’s been so long since I’ve had a good old fashioned sob, what with people watching my every move and being on medication, but tonight, I was feeling really horrible, and I just put on all these songs that make me cry, and just sobbed. 

Anyone who has looked through my blog will know that I have a very difficult relationship with my father for many reasons, and normally I either hate him, or I don’t really think about him very much. But for the past week, he’s been away in Corsica, and my mum has been really absent and staying at my stepfather’s house so much that in the past month I’ve hardly spent any time with her. So, tonight, when I was sobbing in bed, the only person I wanted to hug, was my dad.

I’ve been in therapy for a while, and most of that time has been spent rehashing my childhood and the awful events that tainted it, and mostly how my dad made those happen. But lately, as I’ve been getting better, I’ve been feeling like maybe I’m ready to put that behind me and not let it ruin my life. Tonight, as horrible as it has been, I think was a real expression of that. My whole life, my mum has been almost exclusively, the person to show me love and support, but today I just wanted my dad.

It just goes to show, that sometimes, no matter what has happened or someone has done, you forgive them, just because you need them.

Why am I sharing this with the Tumblr-verse you might ask? I can’t really tell this to either of my parents, or anyone really since I’m home alone, and I just felt like someone really needed to hear it.

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I’ve been watching ‘Dance Moms’ obsessively over the summer, and I felt like I had to post this. 

Even though it causes controversy, I love Abby’s relationship with Maddie. They always say she’s the favourite, but I think it’s that Abby really loves her, like she’s family. When Maddie cries, or gets upset, or falls, you can see how much Abby cares about her. It’s like it hurts her too. And when she does well, it’s like Abby is watching her own kid do something amazing. I think it’s such a sweet, loving relationship. 

I don’t think Abby hates the other kids, I just think that to her, they’re her students, and they’re talented, but Maddie is like family to her. She has a special bond with her, and she loves her. She’s even said that. People should stop freaking out about it.

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i cant believe youre still human

I’m both scared and excited…

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